As one of Norway’s largest housing developers, Selvaag Bolig has an ambition to be a responsible societal player which makes a positive contribution to the environment. It has therefore committed to being a driver for environmentally conscious solutions at local and national levels. The company’s environmental commitment is intended to influence decision-makers in an environmentally conscious direction.

The residential unit is the hub in tomorrow’s sustainable urban development, and Selvaag Bolig is therefore continuing to work on developing environment-friendly homes more cheaply. That is because every member of society should have the opportunity to live in an environment-friendly way.

Selvaag Bolig takes environmental considerations into account in its housing development activities, and has incorporated them into its planning and management systems as well as its day-to-day operations. The company’s environmental impact relates primarily to the way its projects contribute to good local and urban development and have been tailored for sustainable development. Secondarily, it relates to the way its contractors consume energy and materials, generate waste, and impact on and consume natural resources.

The company prioritises urban areas under growth pressure, large urban development projects and space-efficient residential units with the smallest possible environmental footprint. Selvaag Bolig does not do its own construction work, and purchases building services exclusive from reliable contractors with a high level of expertise and the documented ability to deliver. The company requires all its contractors to ensure that construction sites are operated in an environmentally sensitive manner.

Selvaag Bolig’s governance, management and organisation will observe all relevant official requirements, legislation and regulations, and its ethical guidelines provide an instrument for self-assessment and further development of environmental work.

A key part of the base values for Selvaag AS is the requirement that Selvaag Bolig makes a positive contribution to society by helping to protect the environment. These base values apply to all the companies owned by Selvaag.

The ambition at Selvaag Bolig is to build in transformation areas and thereby contribute to an increase in urban density, in line with official policy and good environmental thinking. The company is therefore concentrating new investment on areas and sites in the largest cities. Centring its attention on transport hubs in established urban and residential areas will allow Selvaag Bolig to help a greater proportion of the population to live an urban lifestyle in less space and with reduced requirements for energy and transport.

Selvaag Bolig’s long-term environmental goals are to:

  • help as many people as possible to live in an environment-friendly way
  • develop projects which make an environmental contribution in building terms
  • focus on urban, compact projects close to transport hubs
  • adopt economically sustainable solutions which make it possible to develop climate-friendly homes and residential environments
  • participate in the public debate and challenge established solutions
  • assess environmental certification of the company and future housing projects.

These goals will be reached by implementing them in management systems for project execution.