Our vision: We make cities better

Selvaag Bolig is a safe and secure partner for our customers’ most important investment. Our customers say that choosing us is choosing expertise, seriousness and high ambitions. We like to call ourselves housing specialists – building over 60 000 homes does something to you.

Since the very beginning, Selvaag and all of us who work in Selvaag Bolig have loved smart solutions. We have challenged the authorities and the industry itself about what is possible to build, and we will continue to do that. Every day we are working to develop homes, neighbourhoods and solutions that simplify peoples lives. We make sure that long-lasting and sensible projects are built in areas where they are in demand, in growing cities. That is sustainability in action.

No project is too big or for complex for us. At Løren in Oslo, we transformed a shuttered military camp to become an entire new neighbourhood. At Kaldnes in Tønsberg, a dead industrial zone got a new life as a new and vibrant residential area. At Fornebu, a new city will emerge where there once was an airport. When we create the cities of

the future, it is our task to ensure that people’s homes and neighbourhoods create a secure setting for a good life. Our long history as the homebuilder for the people gives us a responsibility. We build housing that is required, at a price that most can afford.

Everything we do is carefully contemplated, down to the smallest details.