Selvaag Bolig wishes to maintain a high standard of corporate governance. This will strengthen confidence in the company, and contribute to long-term value creation by regulating the division of roles between shareholders, board and executive management over and above legal and regulatory requirements.

Corporate governance in Selvaag Bolig is based on the following main principles:

  • Relevant, reliable and identical information is provided to all stakeholders and shareholders.
  • An autonomous board which is independent of the company's executive management.
  • An autonomous board which is independent of the company's executive management.
  • Equal treatment of all shareholders in accordance with applicable legislation.


Selvaag Bolig ASA is a Norwegian public limited liability company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The company is subject to section 3, sub-section 3b of the Norwegian Accounting Act, which requires it to provide an annual statement of its principles and practice for corporate governance. This rule specifies the minimum information which the presentation must provide.

The Norwegian Corporate Governance Board (NCGB) has established the Norwegian code of practice for corporate governance (the code). Listed companies are required by the Oslo Stock Exchange to provide an annual overall presentation of their principles for corporate governance in line with the prevailing code. The current obligations for listed companies are available at (, and the NCGB code can be found at (

Selvaag Bolig observes the applicable code, published on 17 October 2018, and updated 14 October 2021, in accordance with the “comply or explain” principle. This means that the individual points in the code are observed, but possible variances are explained.

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