Selvaag Bolig wishes to receive notification of censurable conditions. Censurable conditions include conditions that violate laws, written ethical guidelines in Selvaag Bolig or ethical norms. For example:

  • danger to life or health
  • danger to climate or the environment
  • corruption or other financial crime
  • abuse of authority
  • unsatisfactory working environment, including harassment
  • breach of personal data security

The list is not meant to be exhaustive, and other conditions may also be included. Notification about conditions regarding product waaranty or an employee’s own working conditions is by default not considered whistleblowing unless the conditions otherwise are covered by the above issues. That means that warranty issues, workplace conflicts or professional disagreements are normally not covered by whistleblower protection. The company does, however, want to have a low threshold for whistleblowing.

Violations of the law or breaking Selvaag Bolig’s rules and guidelines shall be reported to legal director Erlend Rølles:

E-mail:, telephone: +47 911 80 155

The notification can also be done completely anonymously by using this Internet form (untraceable, using a third-party supplier): Click here