Human rights policy

Selvaag Bolig ASA and subsidiaries must respect internationally recognised human rights in their own operations and in our value chain. We must always comply with applicable laws and regulations, including internationally recognised conventions on human rights. We must conduct our business in a manner that is compatible with the UN's guiding principles for business and human rights and the UN Global Compact's ten principles.

Our principles

  • Safeguarding human rights is a natural part of our daily activity. This means, among other things, that we carry out due diligence assessments, have good systems and routines for follow-up and control, and that we take action when necessary.
  • The work includes our own employees, suppliers and partners, as well as others who are affected by our operations.
  • We must be particularly aware of human rights in those areas of our value chain where the risk is greatest that our operations could have a negative impact.

Our actions

  1. We are aware that there may be challenges related to employee rights and working conditions in our supply chain. We therefore have a pre-qualification process which ensures that we only enter into agreements with actors who comply with our requirements. These requirements are described in our supplier Code of Conduct declaration.
  2. We regularly carry out due diligence assessments of existing suppliers and partners.
  3. We have routines for carrying out due diligence assessments of new suppliers and business partners.

Prepared by the executive management of Selvaag Bolig ASA