Data Protection

Data protection declaration for Selvaag Bolig ASA

Selvaag Bolig ASA takes data protection seriously and will treat personal data at all times within the framework of applicable legislation and statutory regulations.

The purpose of this declaration is to explain when and why Selvaag Bolig ASA acquires information about you, how this information is used, and your rights related to the acquisition and storage of personal data. The data protection declaration will help to ensure that personal data are treated in accordance with the regulations

What information is registered about you?
When you sign up with Selvaag Bolig ASA as an interested person, your name, e-mail address and/or phone number will be registered.

When you purchase a residential property from Selvaag Bolig ASA, your national ID number and address will also be recorded.

Your personal data are acquired directly from you as an interested party and/or buyer when you register this information in one of Selvaag Bolig ASA’s communication channels.

If necessary, Selvaag Bolig ASA can acquire and register personal data from other sources, such as contact information from the Norwegian Population Register.

Use of cookies

When you visit Selvaag Bolig ASA’s website, cookies and other data will be stored and can later be read by the company. Use of Selvaag Bolig ASA’s website cannot be traced back to you personally.

Cookies are small files which get downloaded to your computer to provide an improved user experience. They are used to generate statistics and can be utilised in connection with marketing offers. The cookies register the use of Selvaag Bolig ASA’s website and, among other functions, provide a basis for improving it.

In certain cases, your IP address is registered along with the pages you visit, when you visit them, your approximate location, technical data on your browser and operating system, and the website you have come from.

Selvaag Bolig ASA’s website uses the following cookies:

  • APS.NET_SessionsID. Necessary for the website to function, and defined when the site is loaded. Deleted when the browser is closed.
  • .EPiServerLogin, EPiDPCKEY, .ASPXRoles.
  • _utma, _utmb_ utmc_utmx.
  • Google Analytics. Third-party cookie utilised to acquire information on how visitors use the website. These data are sent on to and stored at Google Inc. IP addresses are stored, but cannot be separated out individually. Google Inc can transfer the acquired information to third parties if legal grounds exist for doing so, or where the third party processes information on behalf of Google Inc. Google Inc cannot link IP addresses to other data it possesses.

While cookies can be deactivated, doing so may weaken the functionality of the website. If you nevertheless want to deactivate cookies, you can change the settings in your browser to block cookies being downloaded automatically or to require your consent for downloading each cookie individually. Cookies downloaded earlier can also be deleted by your browser. For more information, see the documentation for the relevant browser.


Selvaag Bolig ASA regularly distributes newsletters by e-mail. The e-mail address used is the one provided by the interested person/buyer. E-mail addresses are stored in a separate database, are not shared with others and are deleted when a subscription is cancelled. They are also deleted if Selvaag Bolig ASA learns that it is no longer active.

Purpose of the processing

The purpose of processing personal data from interested persons is to be able to provide them with relevant information about projects, offer products or services after an enquiry, offer personally tailored content and services, and distribute customer surveys.

The purpose of processing personal data from buyers is to be able to manage customer relations, distribute information about services with the right content, contact/follow-up, and fulfil commitments related to the customer relationship and otherwise deal with customer wishes and enquiries.

Selvaag Bolig ASA uses external providers to conduct customer surveys. Information will always be given on the purpose of the survey and whether it is anonymous. Selvaag Bolig ASA will not share information with others or use the information for purposes other than those specified. If the survey is anonymous, Selvaag Bolig ASA and/or other external providers will not acquire information which can be related to you personally. If the survey is not anonymous, Selvaag Bolig ASA will be able to identify respondents. Selvaag Bolig ASA may also use other external providers to distribute surveys or follow-up questions.

Basis for processing

Processing is based on consent from the person concerned unless otherwise specified. Consent can be withdrawn at any time by contacting the party responsible for the processing. Furthermore, Selvaag Bolig ASA can process personal data where this is permissible under existing legislation (such as the Norwegian Accounting Act or the Norwegian Real Estate Act) or on another legitimate basis pursuant to the general data protection regulations, including the need to fulfil an agreement to which the registered person is a party or to take decisions at the request of the registered person before an agreement is entered into.

Data controller

Selvaag Bolig ASA’s CEO has overall responsibility for and is the data controller with respect to Selvaag Bolig ASA’s processing of personal data.

Storage of personal data

Personal data are stored electronically on Selvaag Bolig ASA’s computer systems, and remain stored and processed as long as a valid consent or other valid grounds for processing remain in force.

Your rights

People with registered personal data stored at Selvaag Bolig ASA have the following rights:

  • to request access to data held about them
  • to request the correction of errors in their data
  • to request that their data be deleted
  • to request restrictions on processing
  • to protest at the processing of their information
  • to request the disclosure of data to them or to third parties
  • to withdraw possible consent to processing
  • to complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority about processing of personal data. 

Contact information

To obtain further information about data protection and your rights with regard to storage of personal data, or if you want to access information about your data, to exclude yourself or to request corrections or deletion, please contact the data protection officer at Selvaag Bolig ASA.