Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability

Selvaag Bolig will create value for society by building good homes, and by working actively to ensure sustainable housing and urban development. This means in part that the company gives priority to urban areas experiencing expansion pressures, develops site-efficient homes with the greatest volume in lower price categories, seeks to be cost-effective and works to ensure positive official policies through a clear presence in the public debate. Ethical, social and environmental considerations are integrated in its day-to-day operations. The company’s goal is to be a good and secure workplace, and requires that it and its suppliers pursue their operations in compliance with applicable legislation and statutory regulations. Furthermore, Selvaag Bolig will be a responsible social player and minimise emissions/discharges and damage to the natural environment. The company has ethical guidelines which are described at Continuous efforts are made to ensure that employees are familiar with and observe all the company’s guidelines related to CSR and sustainability. The company expanded its statement on sustainability in 2020 to form a separate part of its annual reporting. That work continues in 2021, and company is mapping and preparing for further non-financial reporting in connection with new Norwegian legal requirements and the introduction of the EU taxonomy regulation. The company will establish further specific goals and measures during 2021.

See the separate section on sustainability in the annual report.