Shared ambitions, shared values

Selvaag Bolig aims to be one of Norway's leading residential property developers, based on a unique ability to develop new competences. We aim to be a driving force for innovation. To live up to these ideals, we have two values which we wish to be reflected in everything we do. We have boiled them down to two words: Care and creativity. And it is precisely with care and creativity that Selvaag Bolig builds homes that people will appreciate for generations.

Everyone at Selvaag Bolig shares the same ambition: to ensure that Selvaag is both a great place to work and a dependable company to do business with. We aim to build homes for ordinary people, create residential environments where people can thrive, and help to make better cities. Selvaag has a proud history as an innovative housebuilder.

Since as far back as 1948 Selvaag has been breaking new ground and setting the standard for housebuilding in Norway. We were the first to build a whole residential environment including a shopping centre, we created terraced apartment blocks and invented insulation in standard sizes. Among our newest concepts are affordable modular-built homes and Pluss residences affording hotel-style service. Good ideas that turn into good homes. For just as important as the ability to come up with good ideas, is the ability to realise them.